When you want to use the elevator, instead of pressing the Up or Down button, just enter the floor that you wish to go to. When the elevator car arrives, check its destination sign; if it is going to the floor that you want to go to, get on. Otherwise, do not get on.

The format of the sign is: Destinations | Pickups - Status

Note: the car may head in the wrong direction at first. It may pick you up with people going in the other direction in order to save the time that it would have taken to pick you up coming back. As long as your destination is listed as one of the car’s destinations, you should get on.

Use the form above to choose the number of floors that you want to have in your building. You can also change the number of elevator cars that you want to have.

Algorithm last updated 12/16/2015. Interface last updated 12/16/2015.